We always have a hard time explaining who and what we are. Are we a games company? No. Are we a toy manufacturer? No. Are we an app store? Definitely not. We do have something from each of these things (and then some), but we think of them as ingredients in a new category of things. We introduce ourselves as an experience-centered storytelling company that doesn’t shy away from technology to realize its vision.

We’ve been working together for the past twelve years as a digital content agency based in Tel Aviv. We like working together, but wanted a change of scenery. We have heaps of experience creating top of the notch digital assets and writing the best content for large brands and organizations; now we want to make something of our own.

A Hypertales Studio Website
Master Storyteller: Or Ernst
Design and Programming: Meir Sadan
Illustration & Character Design: Ori Toor
Additional Art: Assaf Benharroch
Translation: Avital Tsype
3D Modelling and Design: Eli Magaziner
Typefaces: Clarendon (URW), Mrs. Eaves (Emigre)
Built with WordPress and Underscores
jQuery, Underscore.js, three.jstween.js